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Thank you to every that stopped by to see us this year.

Come back and see us next year.

 Come by our building in heritage square and say hi. We are presenting a new "miners show" across from our booth with a lot of artifacts real running stream and all of the goodies along with two "old" miners to tell of the early days.

 It’s going to be very educational especially for the students.Welcome to our Los Angeles county fair page.  We have been with the Los Angeles county fair for over thirty seven years and still going strong.SOMETIMES IT GETS CROWDED BUYING GEODES

We are located in the "heritage square" area near blue gate tunnel as we have a permanent building that resembles an old time mine building.  During the four week run of the fair we visit with somewhere between 80 to 110 thousand school groups and even open three hours early to accommodate the school tours.  The school come by for an interesting talk from our resident miner for a look into what California early mining was all about and the types of industry that it created to make the golden state that it is today.

Our product lines include the following: geodes to be opened which is always a big crowd pleaser along with a fourteen foot counter focused on entry level minerals, fossils and crystals in the affordable range for beginning collectors from 4 and up in age.

We offer a large line of inexpensive jewelry along with quite a collection of fossils and many meteorites for sale.

If your into gold panning?  We are the only ones that offer actual gold in our troughs for when you decide to pan for your "wealth" in gold.  Gold nuggets are always for sale along with gold nugget jewelry.

The Los Angeles county fair is the largest county fair in the united states and it starts on Friday before labor day weekend and usually admission fee's are around $1.00 that day with may discounts offered from the food vendors.

Come see us for as you visit the fair and you'll find our selections great along with a crazy fun bunch of employee's that make it fun for all.